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Harness the Power of Accountability Partners with a Well-being Buddy

Our newest lifestyle coaching program is now available for pairs!

Accountability partners can help catapult you toward achieving your goals!

When it comes to achieving goals, social support can play a critical role in your success. Social support is one of the primary reasons accountability partners influence your life and goals.

Accountability partners can help provide structure to execute goals and objectives.

Benefits of accountability partners include:

  • support to articulate goals and needs
  • checks and balances on progress
  • recognizing and celebrating successes along the way
  • help to pick you up more quickly if there is a setback
  • plus the many benefits related to social support in general

Appropriate social support may also positively influence your health!

Research has shown that social connections can influence health-related behavior and decisions, which may, in turn, influence health outcomes (Umberson and Montez, 2010).

Social relationships are also quite influential on emotional health and well-being. Furthermore, they influence a person’s confidence levels, sense of purpose, life satisfaction, feelings of trust, and happiness levels.

Multiple research studies have suggested that positive social relationships could have a protective effect on human health.

While some studies have also suggested that the association between positive social relationships and health may strengthen over time (Yang, et al, 2016). Essentially, it could be healthy to age while alongside the right people.

Accountability partners can provide the right kind of social support.

Accountability partners can enhance your well-being. These partners become productive and relevant members of your tribe.

There are a few things that make a great accountability partner:

  • someone you have a sufficient emotional connection with
  • a person you would prefer to not disappoint
  • a trusted person who supports your personal growth trajectory
  • if competition arises, someone who will keep it positive versus bitter, harsh, or negative
  • someone to help keep you both on track 
  • a person open to practicing compassion with you and themself
  • someone who will be supportive when temptations arise
  • it could also be someone that inspires you as much as you inspire them
  • partners with similar goals and/or like-minded perspectives may also lead to a greater likelihood of success

We have seen the benefits of accountability partners play out time and time again. Healthy, productive social relationships in life can significantly impact a person.

Joining forces as accountability partners can be a strategic way to leverage those positive effects. Therefore, we are thrilled to begin offering our 3-month lifestyle well-being program via a Well-being Buddies approach.

This option will allow you to enter coaching with an accountability partner of your choice. The program combines a distinct balance of group coaching with individual sessions so participants can reap the benefits of lifestyle coaching AND harness the power of accountability partners.

We can’t wait to meet you and your accountability partner! Learn more about all our coaching programs on the Work With Me page.


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