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Well-being Coaching Update: Same best-in-class approaches. A lighter touch!

We have added a Lite version of the Harness a Happy, Healthy Life. The 3-month life and well-being-focused coaching program will incorporate the same best-in-class coaching approaches at a lighter touch. We hope this provides greater flexibility for those who strive to benefit from our signature coaching program format.

Why a new version of this lifestyle and well-being offering?

We constantly learn from the people we work with. Also, we strive to deliver comprehensive coaching tailored to your needs.

In the “real world,” many people can reap the rewards from coaching services. Yet, not everyone needs a high-touch experience. Therefore, we designed a hybrid approach to our Harness a Happy, Healthy Life (Lite) option.

A few ways that Harness a Happy, Healthy Life (Lite) can help people are as follows:

  • provides more flexibility
  • maintains best-in-class approaches & frameworks with a lower-touch
  • a reduced price point for those that may need it

All-in-all, we feel this option will open up more access across our coaching services, which is a primary strategic goal of our business model. Harness a Happy, Healthy Life (Lite) paired with Well-being Buddies are just two of the innovative ways we can tailor our core programming to meet a broader range of life circumstances.

In Harness a Happy, Healthy Life (Lite), participants will still receive 3 months of coaching leveraging core applications from best-in-class frameworks, such as applied positive psychology. We will simply meet fewer times (a maximum of 2 sessions per month).

The Harness a Happy, Healthy Life options are perfect for people who desire to optimize and maintain positive, healthy well-being while balancing other priorities. Yet, they may have ended up lost in the weeds in doing so.  …or may simply wish to optimize what they are already doing for health and well-being.  

Furthermore, it is a great option for people who are ready to harness control and establish optimal lifestyle well-being.

Well-being coaching has been associated with enhanced human potential and improved performance.

Well-being and performance coaching leverages a participant’s strengths paired with the challenges they they face. Furthermore, it can promote clarity, personal and professional growth, depth of thinking, and more!

You can learn more about the primary benefits of well-being coaching from previous posts on our blog.

Are you ready to engage in best-in-class life & well-being coaching?

Use the button below to see our program summary and check-out page for Harness a Happy Healthy Life (Lite), our newest offering for optimizing your life and well-being.

More details on all programs and service offerings are on the Work With Me page.

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