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A happy, healthy life is enhanced tremendously by having the right people in it.

It is imperative to have a passionate, positive, and knowledgeable support team for optimal well-being and success in life. The right support system can help you catalyze appropriate goals and action-oriented steps to achieve them. Also, it can help you garner harmony in your life, health, and well-being.

Coaching may help you accelerate life goals, outcomes, and performance.

The approaches I use are scientifically relevant and can open the door for notable improvements in personal growth and your sense of overall well-being in your life

As a professional and coach, I have dedicated numerous hours to enhancing my understanding of human health and physiology, applied positive psychology, behavior change, and well-being sciences. Also, I glean knowledge and expertise from two master’s degrees, various certificate programs and training, and over 20 years working in business, personal development, healthcare, and wellness

Is your goal to optimize your life for better health and wellbeing?

What Can You Expect

Our services are perfect for people who wish to optimize life for better well-being.

  • If you are cultivating your life with positive well-being in mind, you may be in the right place!
  • Our approaches remain flexible for individual circumstances. Also, we factor in your real life and the intricate balance across personal and professional priorities. We leverage standardized tools but provide anything but a “cookie-cutter” approach.
  • We offer a few primary coaching packages. Also, we may host well-being-focused educational programming in the form of challenges, classes, or workshops from time to time.
Learn more on the Work With Me page.

Happy, Healthy Coaching Clients

Ashley puts a lot into coaching, including generosity, resources, and creative thought. She is a warm coach with flexibility in evolving circumstances. She can respond to whatever you bring to a session! Her approaches helped me move forward with the outcomes I sought from coaching.
Small business owner & entrepreneur

I highly recommend Ashley as a coach! Her superpower is helping clients uncover and tap into existing strengths and resources. She helped me do some important re-imagining of my business. Also, she handled any topic I brought to our calls.

Ashley is personable and thoughtful. Our coaching sessions were “just enough” to keep me on track and motivated. Her combination of intentional focus paired with listening and thoughtful questions was priceless. Working with Ashley increased my motivation and advanced my thinking.

Ashley made me feel appreciated, heard, valued, and encouraged. I was dealing with some challenging life circumstances in both my career and personal life. She helped me focus on the things that matter most, including the steps I needed to take to move forward.

Ashley was clear and upfront regarding how we would work together for coaching. The timelines, realistic goal setting, progress check-ins, and coach’s insights were supportive. I also appreciated her holistic approach.

 Ashley is calming and comfortable to work with. It’s easy to talk to her and discuss the things on my mind.

We worked through a lot involving focus in my life and endeavors. Even though some things in our conversations seemed simple, I came away from my coaching sessions with clarity and definitive next steps.

Ashley does a great job maintaining patience and presence. She has a good ability to keep the coaching conversation going at a good pace. Also, she is excellent at using affirming, positive language in her coaching sessions.

Our Team

Although we are not actively recruiting team members, we may be in 2024 or beyond

Not everyone is a fit to work with a coach (sorry marketers!). We require curiosity-driven, insightful professionals willing to meet us where we are in real-life business.

Areas where need may exist:

  • Content systems & strategy
  • Operations assistance
  • Partnerships & collaborations
  • PR, promotions, & press strategy

We draw inspiration from:  

  • Jim Collins
  • Applied positive psychology leaders, such as Martin Seligman, Barbara Fredrickson & Angela Duckworth (to name a few!)
  • Seth Godin
  • Daniel Goleman
  • Gallup
  • Social enterprises & Impact models
  • Blue Zones Project

Miroslava Tatro Ochoa, ​MS, BS

Marketing, like our health, is both an art and a science.  Thankfully Miroslava is a master of both.  

We welcomed her aboard in 2019 and have been nothing but grateful to have her around.  She helps our team to focus on appropriate word choices in much of our latest content. Why does this matter?  Well, sometimes health and wellness topics are pretty scientific. Also, the information to describe those topics may be full of jargon.  In the world of translating “what the heck does that mean?”, her astute ability to research and develop appropriate copy is a real asset.  

She holds two degrees; a Master’s in Digital Business and a Bachelor’s in Communications with a focus in Advertising and Marketing.  Also, she is passionate about learning new business models to best apply her well-developed expertise in Digital Marketing and SEO (…that’s “Search Engine Optimization” for those of us who just said “huh”).

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