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Finding YOUR Brilliance: How to Cultivate the Best Version of YOU

We have something new in store & are thrilled to share it. Discover, highlight & cultivate YOUR brilliance through our latest offering.

Group coaching programs are set to go & will be going live soon!

The first program will emphasize your core strengths and brilliance. We define YOUR brilliance as the specific and distinctive combination of your strengths, skills, character, values, and vision. Cultivating self-awareness for these factors can be pivotal in aligning personal and professional priorities with the best version of yourself and a clear life vision.

The inaugural group coaching program will entail 4 primary modules under the overarching theme; Your Brilliance & Core Strengths: How to Laser Focus & Align with Your Life Vision.

This is not just another DIY (that’s do-it-yourself) option! The program will leverage an overarching theme to structure live group-based sessions rooted in best-in-class coaching methodologies.


  • Small group format (up to 6 per cohort)
  • Live session replays & slides available on the course platform
  • Bonus resources & guides
  • *2nd cohort will be added if needed (different day)


  • Wed Apr 26th, 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT – Session 1 Defining Your Brilliance
  • May 3rd, 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT – Session 2 Clarifying Your Brilliance
  • May 10th, 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT – Session 3 Applying Your Brilliance
  • May 17th, 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT – Session 4 Maintaining Your Brilliance
  • May 24th – wrap-up session, key insights & applications
    • *Your chance for an extra group coaching session after the program modules have been completed.

Module summaries:

  1. Identify & define the essence of your primary Strengths, Skills, Values, & Vision.
  2. Further understand & refine your specific Strengths, Skills, & Values.
  3. Cultivate & utilize your Unique Strengths & Skills. Plus, weave connections with your Values & Vision.
  4. Staying on track for your Personal Best. Plus, moving forward on your Life Vision.

The simple life and well-being program will help you identify, understand, and apply YOUR core skills, strengths, & character traits in the most relevant ways for top-of-mind goals and priorities. 

The program will support you in building upon your unique attributes to cultivate YOUR brilliance, which is the specific and distinctive combination of your strengths, skills, character, values, and life vision. 

Foundational concepts and activities in this program will also support the intricate dance people perform between personal and professional priorities.

Leveraging a group delivery format, the sessions within this program will be facilitated and guided but also dynamic. The structure will allow for both shared learning and an individualized experience.

Ultimately, the program will help you unveil and harness what contributes most to your personal best. The program will provide a safe and supportive place to shine with the further cultivation of a happy, healthy life.

*Group coaching is in beta. Take advantage of the remarkable value of the initial group coaching program. Beta participants will reap the rewards of a group coaching program while contributing invaluable insight for future group coaching participants.

Sign up link: https://ashleylarnold.thrivecart.com/your-brilliance-and-life-vision/

More details on all programs and service offerings are on the Work With Me page.

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