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Well-being Coaching: Why This Service Offering May Be Just What You Need

Would you like to channel authority over your lifestyle and overall well-being?

Our newest lifestyle coaching program is perfect for adults who have ended up lost in the weeds at maintaining positive, healthy well-being while balancing other priorities.

The coaching framework used in this program is rooted in applied positive psychology. It is designed to help you harness control and establish optimal lifestyle well-being.

Well-being coaching has been linked to better performance and human potential.

According to the International Coaching Federation, coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Numerous research studies have shown that well-being-focused coaching has significant and positive effects on performance and skills, sense of well-being, coping mechanisms, attitudes, and goal-directed self-regulation. Findings from these studies have indicated that well-being and performance-centered coaching is an effective tool for improving the functioning of individuals

Well-being and performance coaching leverages participants’ strengths and challenges they are facing to promote the following:

  • Increased clarity, commitment, and competency for goals and the areas people wish to improve and grow
  • Improved depth of thinking in support of growth

Are you ready to enhance your lifestyle through well-being coaching?

The 3-month Harness a Happy Healthy Life coaching program emphasizes effective-goal setting, achievement-based outcomes, enhancing performance, and (you guessed it) overall well-being in your life.  Receiving lifestyle coaching rooted in positive psychology could generate positive effects on performance, well-being, resilience, attitudes, and overall self-regulation.

If you are looking to take a critical (but guided) reflection on your current state of well-being and then, move forward in a relevant, meaningful way, this path may be for you. The coaching you will receive in this program will encourage heightened focus, a higher aptitude for accomplishing goals, and an increased sense of well-being.

The program includes:

  • 3-months of personal coaching for life & well-being
  • A personalized life & well-being vision plan
  • Weekly coaching sessions & check-ins
  • A complimentary 1-year check-in and coaching session

The program will inspire, motivate, and catapult you towards better well-being. Most importantly, you will get on track for the lifelong healthy, happy journey you strive to have!

*Participants will have the option to extend lifestyle and well-being coaching beyond the 3-month program duration on a month-to-month or by session basis.

**Interested in well-being coaching, but not ready to commit to the 3-month program? We welcome you to try out well-being coaching through our Well-being Vision & Strategy Planning bundle. As always, we also have no-cost meet & greets to ensure the coach-client relationship will be an optimal fit.

More details on all programs and service offerings are on the Work With Me page.

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