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Life and Well-being: What Global Trends Stand to Make an Impact?

As a coach, I support people in navigating their lives as relevant to optimal well-being, including life goals, aspirations, and desires. Coaches often see a wide range of people from varied walks of life, despite their specific niches or practice areas.

Ultimately, whatever the niche of the coaching practice is, human quality of life and well-being is of utmost priority.

So, what global trends have coaches excited for people’s life & well-being?

World Happiness & Well-being – Clearly as a life, health, and well-being coach, this trend excites me. One of the most relevant things about this trend is research has demonstrated that happiness and economic circumstances may not be affirmatively correlated. Sure, feeling safe and secure is correlated to optimal well-being, which will have some level of association with socioeconomic-related factors. Yet, the current understanding supports that it is possible to be truly happy within a broad range of life circumstances.

We couldn’t need this trend more as people navigate a post-pandemic world + changing global ecosystems (economic, environmental, and so forth). The human condition continues to face challenges of notable brevity, but shifts in mindsets around supporting mental health & well-being and engaging in adult personal development seem favorable.

Evolving Digital Wellness – There is little doubt that digital applications are here for the unforeseen future. Our relationship and purpose with technology have come to a pivotal point.

Digital wellness applications can help support people in monitoring underlying health conditions, tracking goals, and engaging in motivational components. Digital wellness devices and mobile apps can also help reach people with personalized, relevant health information, which could be life-changing. Furthermore, applications within telehealth may also serve as a way to reduce access barriers or even stigmas around health-related, medical, and wellness services.

On the flip side, there is an emerging trend around balance within one’s life regarding technology and digital-based applications. The popular book on digital well-being, Digital Minimalism, reminds us that a life with time to unplug and selective removal of one’s self from technological applications at times can be highly relevant for overall well-being.

It turns out that IRL (that’s in real life for the less digitally glued people out there) has pretty significant benefits. There are also health benefits associated with spending time in nature while taking in the various natural elements, such as sites, sounds, smells, tastes, and so forth.

Travel, Lodging, & Real Estate Wellness – One of the most consistent trends observed in recent years (even before the pandemic) has been the integration of wellness into housing options, travel itineraries, hotels, and other areas within tourism. Considering the uptick of interest in positive physical and mental health, this trend will likely continue.

Some underlying factors may contribute to some additional directions within this overarching trend. A subsidiary area, for example, would be exploring how integrations of wellness into these areas of life can expand across communities and populations. Wellness can inadvertently have an underlying connotation of being something for financially well-off people. Current trends in wellness real estate or wellness tourism may present some slippery slopes regarding whether or not the solutions are equitable.

We can gain wisdom from ancient healing modalities that have stood the test of time (such as yoga). From a global perspective, community accessibility is often a pillar. Considering housing options, for example, stand to be around for a while, it seems like a relevant opportunity to consider wellness integrations within a range of consumer price points. A potential direction like this will be a “yet to be seen” topic within life and well-being trends.

Dialogue Around “Taboo” Topics – More expansive and open dialogue has become more conspicuous. Relevant information regarding certain health and life circumstances may have been previously hidden or swept under rugs, so to speak. Along with it came a plethora of disparities or otherwise unjust components within systems of care.

Yet, as we have observed from major health and well-being trends, such as those related to mental health, hormonal changes, autoimmune-related conditions, gender identification, and so forth, a dialogue kept under lock and key may easily do more harm than good.

We continue to learn and understand more about how to best reach people in the most equitable and respectful ways. Openness and expansiveness to discuss the relevant issues humans face can stand to help us all become more conscious and, hopefully, respectful to others. It’s a great topic under community well-being and approaches to personalized health and well-being.

Making Impact & Leaving a Legacy – Historically, the notion of a legacy may have been somewhat embedded with aging (which, by the way, healthier aging & life course could have easily made this list). Now, we are seeing the empowerment of younger generations like never before. There is also a greater emphasis on intergenerational relationships.

A bit of a renewed positive spirit has emerged around leading a life well-lived while remaining conscious of current ecosystems and the lives of future generations. This trend has also been evident in an uptick in social impact initiatives and organizations. The sense of inner purpose and drive that makes humans whole may be more saliently integrated into the organizations they work for.

Considering a broad view of human potential, this trend could also prove relevant to help bridge gaps and reduce divides we currently struggle with in modern societies. Although impact-minded initiatives aren’t necessarily “magic solutions” with “fix-all” capabilities, they could contribute to a more positive direction and, perhaps, an optimistic mindset for people who are touched by them.

In closing…

Global trends around health and well-being can bring about some perspective to top-of-mind topics and, potentially, what makes humans tick. Generally speaking, more interest and investment in topics that fit under “wellness” has been observed.

As compared to 10-15 years ago, it seems there is also an expanded understanding of how to reach people across community strata. People may be seeking a little bit of a better life, health, or an overall direction within specific areas. While, interdisciplinary solutions can leverage creativity and modern mechanisms to stay relevant, culturally sensitive, and helpful to these people.

As a subsidiary note, it would poor taste to completely exclude indigenous and tribal lifestyles in this discussion. Although the perspective of global wellness trends is mostly reflective of industrialized nations, there is insight and wisdom that can be gleaned from the wide range of communities across the globe. Many of us will never experience the world quite in the way that, for example, strongly-rooted tribal nations do. Yet, regarding values around life and well-being, these cultures may serve as notable teachers.

We also wish to acknowledge the communities and nations that are in states of turmoil, which may result in marginalization, suppression, and injustices.

Global sustainable development goals serve to address some of these primary challenges. The journey is undoubtedly iterative and more like a marathon than a sprint.

*Global well-being trends informed by the Global Wellness Institute.

What does this mean for our coaching practice and service offerings?

As we have mentioned in past posts and our quarterly newsletters, Ashley has spent a fair amount of time and energy the past few years making strategic shifts toward relevant, best-in-class applications for life and well-being.

In 2022, she streamlined more partnerships and collaborations that will expand both reach and access, including representation in Open Path’s Healing Arts Collective. Despite being a remote service option, we have also included regional collaborations based on community impact.

Furthermore, we have adapted one of our core coaching programs to be more accessible through the Well-being Buddies and Harness a Happy Healthy Life (Lite) options. We have also spent a lot of time and effort creating free and low-cost resources for people who may not be ready for coaching but would like some support. Resources like the ones on our Cool Stuff page help guide someone towards more resilience, positive well-being, and a happy, healthy life.

All coaching services are detailed on the Work With Me page.

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