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My Story: Training in Well-being Science and Applied Positive Psychology

A few years ago, I transitioned into health coaching. In the beginning, it was exhilarating and definitively rewarding. Yet, after a few years, I hit a point where I was feeling a little flat.

Health & well-being is compelling. Why was there a disconnect?

There seemed to be a bit of a gap in the coaching industry. On one hand, there was a market for professional and personal development coaching. On another, a clear case for risk-based health coaching (i.e. disease prevention or management).  

However, there seemed to be disconnected facets regarding whole-person approaches. The concept may not have been purchased or taken seriously. …or it was ill-perceived, what have you. Yet, there are several meaningful intersections.

Why the case for positive well-being is stronger than ever!

Considering the dimensions of well-being (or wellness), siloing aspects of our life isn’t very realistic. All-in-all, the concept of well-being, in its essence, bridges the dimensions of human lives.  

The light of the pandemic revealed this fact rather clearly. Focusing on healthy, positive well-being became a notable top-of-mind topic. Shifts within industries focused on personal wellness and development began to happen much more quickly.

Despite ebbs and flows, working in coaching continues to inspire and motivate me.

For those of us in the thick of this sort of work, such as well-being and personal development coaching modalities, we couldn’t be more thrilled. Despite the painful times throughout the pandemic, this outcome has been one of the silver linings.

It has also somewhat rejuvenated my interest (and passion) in coaching. At one point, I was discouraged and considered backing away from this critical role. Yet, I’m sure glad I didn’t.

During the pandemic, I enrolled in more training rooted in applied positive psychology for well-being. This deep dive into well-being science and coaching applications was just the medicine I needed (so to speak)!

Well-being encompasses the full scope of the dimensions of your life!

Well-being and performance-centered coaching may be effective in improving the functioning of individuals. A solid foundation in well-being-focused coaching also presents a much more well-rounded approach to coaching people at various stages of their lives.

Research studies have suggested potential benefits for participants who received this type of coaching. Participants have observed positive effects on performance and skills, sense of well-being, coping mechanisms, attitudes, and goal-directed self-regulation. 

According to the International Coaching Federationcoaching is a way to partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

What do we have in store for enhancing your lifestyle and well-being?

Since completing more advanced training, I have created more compelling content, tools, and service offerings for people. Also, it has opened the door for more relevant partnerships in the wellness and coaching industries.

It’s an exciting time for personal health and well-being. I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

Are you looking for an easy way to get started optimizing well-being?

The Well-being Vision & Strategy Planning bundle may be just what you need.

This 2-pack service offering provides focused sessions based on a best-in-class reflective coaching process. Participants can expect to emerge from these sessions with greater clarity on their core motivational drivers in lifestyle health and well-being. Also, they will come away with a primary structure for a personalized well-being vision plan!

It is a great option for adults with a strong desire to optimize and maintain positive, healthy well-being while balancing other priorities.

All coaching services are detailed on the Work With Me page.

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