Simple Ways to Cultivate Gratitude and Enhance Positive Well-being

A short guide to help you easily incorporate gratitude practice.

There are simple ways to cultivate gratitude. Doing so might be well worth your while.

In a nutshell, practicing gratitude can support a positive outlook and mindset.  Furthermore, it can enhance overall well-being, improve your relationship with others, and may improve your clinical health!

Studies have also suggested that practicing gratitude could enable people to meet their goals and become more successful in life. The feelings of positive mental and emotional energy that gratitude practices can generate in a person may contribute to these outcomes.  

Another underlying “benefit” of gratitude is it may also lead to more openness and expansive thinking, two characteristics of a growth mindset.

Author and researcher on gratitude practices Robert Emmons refers to gratitude as an operating system, not just an application or one-and-done tool.  (*Scientific studies also support the consistent practice of gratitude leading to the likelihood of favorable outcomes from doing so).

How can you easily cultivate gratitude and reap the rewards?

A critical activity in practicing gratitude is reflection

There are oodles upon oodles of reflective practices to support cultivating gratitude.  We have set up a mini-guide focused on ways to cultivate gratitude. It provides a highlight reel focused on easy-to-do reflection exercises.

We have only provided some of the many options to cultivate gratitude. The simple, daily gratitude exercises that we have included could make sense for you at the end of the day and shortly before you go to bed.  …or, you may find that you are a morning “exerciser,” which could help set the tone for your day ahead.  You might also find value in taking daily breaks for gratitude practices.

Meanwhile, other reflective exercises to cultivate gratitude could be handled in longer sessions or revisited over time.

Either way, there is no right or wrong methodology.  The point is to do it!  

When selecting the best gratitude practices for you, focus on those practices that will uplift you and lead to growth.  If the gratitude approach weighs you down, it might not be a good fit for you or may not be the correct tool for the current time.

You will want to think of gratitude on a continuum, not based on firm and structured performance goals.  Gratitude practice may end up as 100 some days while other days not

*This may be challenging for people driven towards high-achievement goals, but in this case, the process and meandering paths that result are the most meaningful measurements.  It also incorporates self-compassion.

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