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Lead with Intention and Clear Steps for a Happy, Healthy Year

What does a happy, healthy year mean to you?

It’s a new year… a time when “new year, new you” themes seem to pop up just about everywhere (whether we care or not, LOL). Regardless, we are making the assumption that a happy, healthy year might be something you strive to have.

The start of a new year is often a great time for reflection and putting a few things into perspective. For many people, it’s a dose of a clean slate. Also, it’s certainly a time when goal setting can be top-of-mind.

Embarking on a new year can be a great place in life to clarify intentions, align yourself with where you most desire to go, and structure clear, relevant action steps to make it all happen. Furthermore, these areas can be critical for a happy, healthy life.

Thinking of your new year intentions, we have something in store that we think you may love! Scroll down to learn more.

For the month of January, we are sweetening the deal with some added perks with our complimentary introduction coaching session with Ashley.

The complimentary introduction coaching session provides a chance for someone to experience a short, simple dose of coaching AND for us to get to know people a little more. It’s intended to help determine if there is a mutual fit for a coaching relationship. You might say it’s a little like “try before you buy.”

This month, January 2024, we are including a complimentary copy of our core guide and workbook for well-being AND productivity.

The nitty, gritty guide on living both well and productive includes over 60 pages of well-being-focused tips, insights, and reflective exercises. It addresses habits for success, positive well-being, alignment with your unique strengths, personal performance, and more!

This guide is a surefire resource to help you get organized for more success in being productive and boosting your overall well-being. The complimentary reflective exercises in the guide provide a workbook-like structure and tools you can continue to use throughout your lifetime. The guide is a great option for people looking to:

  • identify & align with the best version of themselves
  • work smarter, not harder
  • reduce stress in life & build resilience
  • prioritize health & overall well-being across life areas
  • communicate more effectively & boost the quality of relationships
  • set clearer (eh hmm) better, more personalized goals aligned with values, vision, & purpose
  • feel happier & more fulfilled

Plus… we aren’t done yet. Once you start on the workbook, schedule a 2nd complimentary coaching session to address one top-of-mind topic you wish to work on in 2024. Yep, you read that right… we are essentially offering “buy one, get one free” for our complimentary intro coaching offer! Only you provide nothing but your time and presence. There will be absolutely no purchase required to receive 2 laser-focused coaching sessions with Ashley PLUS a simple guide and workbook for lifetime learning and personal development.

If you wish to lead with intention and clear steps for a happy, healthy new year, this offer is for you! We can not wait to meet you in coaching! Get set up HERE.

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